Monday, March 17, 2014

KY Senate GOP must kill ObamaCare today

Frankfort Senate Republicans have to know there is no time for playing games with the budget. Today is the day for declaring they will not fund ObamaCare. Not a dime for the illegal ObamaCare "exchange" and not a dime for the illegal Medicaid "expansion."

Tell your state Senator right away that this must happen today.

Gov. Beshear caused the budget problems by attempting to force Kentucky into ObamaCare to serve his Washington D.C. masters and to pave the way for his son to run for Attorney General with big leftist campaign cash. Tell your state senator we will not be pawns in this absurd game.

From their perspective, Senate Republicans have no reason to fund ObamaCare. It doesn't work, it busts the budget and it only delays starting the process to fix what is really harming healthcare in America -- government involvement.

Forcing Beshear to try to run ObamaCare without legislative approval and legislative funding when all the federal seed money runs out pushes him back into court where the Kentucky Supreme Court gets to decide literally if we still have a Constitution or not. Frankfort judicial politicians may be ready to throw away our republican form of government on the ObamaCare nightmare, but Supreme Court justices need votes from other parts of the state from people who aren't sufficiently drunk on big government poison.

Call your senator right away at 1-800-372-7181 and tell them they do not have your permission to fund ObamaCare.