Friday, February 28, 2014

ObamaCare has lone KY House sponsor

Probably the most left-wing member of the Kentucky House of Representatives filed a bill today to legally create the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange (ObamaCare) in Kentucky. Rep. Tom Burch of Louisville filed the bill alone, with no co-sponsors.

If House Bill 505 is not enacted into law to ratify Gov. Steve Beshear's illegal executive order creating the exchange, Kentucky's disastrous exchange will expire ninety days after the 2014 legislative session ends in April. The bill seeks to confirm Executive Order 2013-418, which was issued in violation of KRS 12.028(5) after the filing of 13-CI-423 in Franklin Circuit Court to stop Beshear's illegal implementation of the ObamaCare debacle.

Can't imagine what Burch is counting on with the last-minute filing of this bill.