Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New ObamaCare glitch soaks Kentuckians

Gov. Steve Beshear is trying to keep quiet a Kynect web site glitch resulting in payment of excessive federal subsidies in January and February which must now be removed, resulting in higher premium payments for ObamaCare customers. The biggest unanswered question now is where the money comes from to pay for two months of premium shortages.

The glitch resulted in customer premium payments plus improperly excessive federal subsidies going to the insurers for the first two months of ObamaCare. Reducing subsidy payments for March and beyond, as the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange (KHBE) told victims will now happen, means higher payments for those who purchased ObamaCare plans. KHBE said customers will not be responsible for making up deficits in their accounts due to the overpayments in January and February. So, who pays?

It's possible the federal government will eat the costs of the KHBE mistake, but not very likely. Same goes for the insurance companies. That leaves state taxpayers. Is that what's happening? Are state taxpayers picking up the tab for Gov. Beshear's mistake without being told about it?

Please ask your state Senator and state Representative about this.