Friday, February 28, 2014

Get some fries with that while you can

In Lexington, Kentucky, Xerox is seriously downgrading its ObamaCare customer service efforts amid an exodus of qualified call center workers frustrated by what some call shocking ineptitude and corruption by state officials.

As employees leave the Kynect contractor, those hired on at the beginning of operations last fall at $12.50 an hour are being replaced by new people at $10.00 an hour.

"I held on as long as I could," said one former employee who asked to not be named. "Middle management hasn't changed since the beginning, which is surprising given the lack of integrity. It's the biggest mess I've ever seen and it just kept getting worse."

Leaders in the Kentucky General Assembly have made no apparent effort to ensure continued funding for the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange, whose operations are paid for by federal grants expiring at the end of 2014. If Kentucky does not continue their ObamaCare exchange operations next year, we will default to a federally run exchange and save Kentucky taxpayers many millions of dollars. Implementation of the state exchange currently faces legal challenge in state courts. Federal funding of federally run exchanges faces multiple legal challenges in federal courts.