Thursday, February 13, 2014

Matt Bevin, apologize to McConnell

The sun came up this morning despite a federal judge ruling yesterday that Kentucky's definition of marriage amendment violates the U.S. Constitution. Senate candidate Matt Bevin would do well to make sure the sun does not set tonight without him apologizing for his quick attack on Sen. Mitch McConnell after the ruling became known.

Matt pointed out the judge who made the ruling served years ago as McConnell's general counsel and got his current job with the Senator's endorsement. This clearly scored a few points with some people who already don't like McConnell. So, in a sense, it's "Mission Accomplished."

But that's far from the end of the story and here I think Matt can show clearly how different a candidate he really is.

McConnell started attacking Matt wildly, unfairly and falsely before Matt even got into this race. He has continued that approach because that is who Mitch is, that is what Mitch does and Mitch has nothing else.

Matt has a lot more than that and is more than that. Matt Bevin doesn't need to attack Mitch because of a decades old connection to this judge. It was an easy attack to make in the heat of battle but it does literally nothing to expand Matt's appeal or further diminish the shriveling, shrieking McConnell.

Show everyone the bigger man that you are, Matt, and apologize to McConnell for yesterday's attack. And then roast him for caving once again on the debt ceiling.