Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bipartisan Scam To Advance Casinos

Bruce Lunsford has jumped all over Steve Beshear for claiming casinos will benefit Kentucky. But Lunsford's running mate Greg Stumbo cooked up a scheme in 2005 with the ethically-challenged Sen. Ed Worley to try to make casinos easier to legalize.

Lunsford has given us solid reasons not to trust him already. Don't take your eye off the ball here.

The subtle scheming to turn our state government over to out-of-state casino operators crosses party lines and will usher in an era of corruption far beyond what Kentucky has experienced before if we don't stomp it out now.

Billy Harper is the only viable candidate in either party to stand consistently against allowing this plague to advance. The numbers don't add up and Harper seems to be the only one who wants to really do the math.