Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Explaining "High" Gas Prices In America

The Club for Growth has a hard-to-ignore take on a Gallup poll on the cause of $3 a gallon gas.

The hard fact is blaming oil companies for being greedy causes us to adopt the same muddled thinking we usually get from our left-wing moonbat friends.

Free market fans who abandon their principles as soon as the sticky, black stuff comes out of the ground have to take a good look at increasing demand here and in the developing world. Discounting political instability and intransigence here and abroad also takes a willful blindness unworthy of such a serious discussion.

The best way for you to reduce what you spend on fuel is to use less of it. That is demand. Also, legalizing expanded domestic drilling would help. That is supply.

Unfortunately, this will continue to be a political football as the party out of power blames the party in power or -- in the case of divided government -- they trade blame.

It could well be that the discussion won't get any more rational until one of the oil companies figures out how to run cars on hydrogen. That will happen long before any public-spirited federal agency pulls it off.