Saturday, May 19, 2007

Billy Harper Is The Only Candidate Who Can Unite The Republican Party In May, State In November

The most interesting place to be in Kentucky next Saturday will be in Frankfort at the GOP Unity Rally, if it happens.

The RPK website doesn't list the event. May not happen anyway, as the bad blood between the Fletcher camp and the Northup camp is boiling.

If Ernie Fletcher wins out on Tuesday, I can't imagine many Northup supporters will be ready to go cheer on the governor by Saturday after Fletcher called her anti-Christian. And how many Fletcher supporters will be able to muster support for a freshly nominated Anne Northup after she called Governor Fletcher a crook?

And if the two of them are locked in a run-off Tuesday, there will obviously be no Unity Rally on May 26.

So what Republicans really need to think about is how we are going to pull off any kind of unity, especially if it is delayed by a really nasty extra campaign that eats up half the summer.

After you have thought about that, think about how that is another good reason to vote for Billy Harper on Tuesday. Even if he comes in second on Tuesday, he should easily win a run-off. After not making enemies in the primary, Billy Harper will be very well positioned to unite the state in November.