Sunday, May 06, 2007

Courier Journal Says Jonathan Miller Should Quit

In the weakest gubernatorial endorsement editorial I have ever seen from a "major" newspaper, the Louisville Courier Journal encouraged Kentucky's Democrats to nominate Steve Beshear for Governor.

As attorney general and lieutenant governor, and in his work as a successful private attorney, Mr. Beshear has demonstrated the kind of toughness needed to break the partisan logjam in Frankfort and to move the state energetically in new directions.

Treasurer Jonathan Miller is expected to pull a Bruce Lunsford and quit the race on Monday. The CJ gives him a nice, swift kick toward the door:

State Treasurer Jonathan Miller offers a progressive voice, but his experience seems too thin for a jump to state government's top job. He is, unfortunately, more likely to harm Mr. Beshear's chances than to elevate his own.

Also, it is interesting to note that the CJ fails to mention that Beshear's house of cards is built on getting casino gambling past the legislature. Despite Beshear's impotent bluster about forcing the General Assembly to act (which the CJ also fails to mention), it will never happen.

The 200 word non-endorsement responses from the other candidates will be fun to read.