Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course, Of Course...

While some gubernatorial candidates are sitting on their hands waiting for the Kentucky Derby to pass -- except Jonathan Miller, who announced breathlessly that Kathy Stein wants him to win (and we assume by that she means he will not just hold off Gatewood on May 22) -- they may be helping the environment. Less talking means less earth-baking carbon dioxide, right?

Silence and inaction is not such a blessing in January of legislative election years, though. When our lawmakers sit on their hands waiting for the filing deadline to pass before they do any substantial work in Frankfort, they cheat taxpayers. The next time our gubernatorial candidates grab an open microphone, they should propose that we push forward the election filing deadline until after the end of General Assembly sessions.

Too many of our legislative leaders aren't interested in open government or in being accountable to the public, but we need gubernatorial candidates with the courage to stand up for commonsense action like this.