Saturday, May 19, 2007

Northup Whiffs On Right To Work

The Kentucky Right to Work Committee candidate survey hit mailboxes today.

It was no surprise that none of the Democrats answered their questions about supporting employee rights versus unions. Republican Anne Northup, though, joined them:

1. Will you support efforts by the Kentucky legislature to enact a statutory right to work law in Kentucky (including procedural and amendment votes)?

2. Will you support legislation that would ban monopoly bargaining over Kentucky's employee's by union officials?

3. Will you support legislation terminating "agency shop" privileges for public section union officials?

4. If elected, will you oppose so-called "neutrality agreements" and allow workers to hear all available information?

5. If elected, will you oppose all attempts to pass so-called "project labor agreements" and allow contractors to bid on state construction projects regardless of whether or not their employees pay dues to a union boss?

6. If elected, will you support legislation eliminating the automatic payroll deduction of public employees' union dues by government entities?

Only Billy Harper and Ernie Fletcher answered "yes" to all six questions.