Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Recorded Phone Message I Got Last Night

More cutting edge campaigning to improve the lives of real Kentuckians:

Hello this is Anne Northup and I am running for governor as a Republican. In recent days, you may have received another phone message saying that I am against school prayer. That is simply not true. I have voted fourteen times to allow school prayer. As a mother of six children, I know the importance of faith in our society including prayer in our schools. I was frankly disturbed that Ernie Fletcher asked Congressman Bob Barr to attack me on this issue. I think you should know a little bit more about Bob Barr. He has left the Republican party. He has announced that he voted against George Bush in 2004. He has appeared at events with Al Gore and now he supports such extreme positions as legalizing drugs. Believe me, I would never ask anyone so radical to support my campaign or speak for me. Election day is just a week away.