Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Campaigns Cut Off Noses, Spite Faces

Governor Fletcher's campaign has scored a lot of points going after Anne Northup on school prayer.

Today, though, they may have gone too far.

A mailer that hit mailboxes this afternoon has a picture of Northup gleefully shovelling dirt next to a bold sentence stating "Anne Northup said an amendment to give our children the right to pray in school was 'Extreme.'"

The ad is effective. At first, I thought it was pretty funny. But while it probably helps wipe out Northup in the primary, it kills Fletcher in the general. Louisville Republicans especially will take this personally and sit on their hands in the fall.

The only candidate who can take advantage of the current environment and win in the fall against a certain-to-be weak Democratic nominee is Billy Harper.

Watch Harper's ads over the next week. It will be some of the best stuff you have ever seen.