Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Planes Versus Trains: Newberry Botches The Odds

Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry told the Lexington Herald Leader he is sending Vice Mayor Jim Gray on a government trip to Colorado on a different airplane as a protection for Lexington taxpayers in case Newberry's plane goes down.

After looking at the preliminary list of trip attendees, Newberry noticed that 13 of the 15 Urban County Council members were going, Newberry said. “It struck me as though we needed to make some kind of arrangements for local government to continue in the unlikely event that something happened to the airplane.”

It is amazing Newberry would show such attention to detail to protect against something that won't happen, yet can't even work up a comment about a the sure-thing taxpayer nightmare of paying for the lawsuits springing up as a result of horrible mismanagement of the Fayette County Detention Center.

Wishing this train weren't coming down the track won't make it go away, Mayor Newberry.