Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What's Next: "Drive Off In A New Otis Mobile, Those Other Clunkers Will Leave You Stranded!"

Marketing to political observers is something political bloggers struggle with every day. So this email from Rick's City Cafe in Frankfort got my attention:

Good morning---today, let's get the special out of the way first----OYSTER PO-BOY AND SIDE FOR $1.00 OFF REGULAR PRICE OF $7.99!!!! Of course you can get the "GATEWOOD BURGER" right up to him becoming governor for $4.99 with a side dish!!!

NOW, about those republican and democrat fat filled, preservative laced (I mean look at Mr. Lunsford and Ann Northrop), artificial color (take a look at some of those fake tans---what are they trying to hide---hello Steve Henry aka George Hamilton), BS filled hot dog candidates for governor!!!! Not a dimes worth of difference and like a real hot dog---they may end of killing you---- with their policies!!! AND THEN---- we have the lean, mean, healthy, low fat, no filler, organic, HAMBURGER!!!!This product is very pure and healthy for you and all Kentuckians---I now present to you GATEWOOD GALBRAITH---not a greasy fat filled hot dog, but a picture of health---He is simply the diet we need for all of Kentucky!!!

I hear customers say---if Gatewood had a chance, I would vote for him!!? The only way he has a chance is if you do vote for him!! From Republicans to Democrats to Independents to reporters to fireman to policemen to the average every day citizen on the street, there is one word I hear more than any other and that word is GATEWOOD!! So, vote your conscious mind and let's make a difference our children will be glad you made!!

I haven't had the Gatewood Burger, but I might have to sneak by and grab one. Rick's Cafe is not far from the Capitol and the food is fantastic.

Next time, Rick, buy an ad!