Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Urging Kentucky Republicans To Stand For Something: Issue #1 School Choice

Instead of getting bogged down with petty foolishness, it would be great if Kentucky's Republican candidates could coalesce around a single issue to engage voters this fall.

The time grows near which will allow candidates to run and win by advocating school choice.

It won't happen, but Governor Fletcher could make an issue of special needs scholarships. The teachers union isn't going to endorse him anyway and the vouchers will save taxpayers money. And Steve Beshear will have no answer for it except what he gets from union extremists. (Here's a hint: they don't do a very good job of refuting vouchers.)

The one place school choice might realistically show up this year is in the Attorney General's race. GOP nominee Stan Lee sponsored the voucher bill this year and his liberal opponent, Jack Conway, is likely to try to use it against him.

Lee would be well advised to tout school vouchers every day until November.