Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Worley Scandal Makes Front Page

The Richmond Register picked up on Sen. Ed Worley's (D-Richmond) fraud trial today with a front page story.

Unfortunately, the Register story swings a wide berth around the most interesting facts made public so far about the case.

For example, we know Ed isn't happy part of his scheme got caught on audio tape. Sen. Worley's effort to get the tape thrown out of court is humorous as he seems not to know that telephone calls in Kentucky can be recorded by one party to the call without the knowledge of the other.

A closer look at his complaint shows even more. Worley says in an August 23 court motion that the tape of his conversation was "improperly concealed" and should have been presented as part of the discovery process. The victim in the case, Earl Estes, responded in an electronic filing today as follows:

"The defendents (Worley and partner A.D. Grant), having
defrauded the Plaintiff, having been
caught in the fraud on
, and then having testified falsely under oath about the whole
thing, now cry foul and claim that Plaintiff's failure to turn over the
tapes or the transcripts before they perjured themselves in their
depositions isn't fair."

The taped conversations with Worley and Grant are pretty funny, knowing what we know now, but prior to the depositions in which they both contradicted their taped statements, the victim could not have known the tapes represented valuable evidence to confirm what he previously only suspected.

Again, from today's filing by the attorney for the victim:

"Up until Worley and Grant gave their depositions it was not at all clear that the statements would become impeachable evidence, since until then there was no way of knowing what their story would be."