Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sex Offenders, The New Pioneers?

Defending sex predators has to be a thankless job. Not that I am about to thank Marlene Gordon of The Coalition For The Homeless for trying, but it is easy to see how hard she is working to drum up sympathy.

She wants us to believe Kentucky's new law to ban sex offenders from living within 1000 feet of certain places where children congregate is a bad thing. Gordon says the law is causing predators to conceal their whereabouts, driving them underground, and making them more likely to strike again.


The whole idea behind making life uncomfortable for sex offenders is to make them think twice before committing their crimes. Failing that, they deserve whatever they get. In fact, they deserve worse than our society will inflict upon them.

Even if your bleeding heart won't let you see that tougher laws against sex offenders protect society by giving us more weapons to prosecute them with, you can't really believe, as Gordon states, that therapy and a desire to "safely re-integrate these folks" does anything but keep our most vulnerable citizens at a strategic disadvantage to perverts.

Despite the hopes and dreams of the ACLU-types, we should support this good law and seek more of the same.