Monday, August 21, 2006

Democrat Math Stays In Vegas

Greg Stumbo wants to spend education dollars without teaching basic math, fight crime while establishing "criminal enterprise zones," and cut property taxes while blowing the lid off the state social service liability.

That's right, Stumbo wants casinos in Kentucky. And he wants them now.

We will need several extra layers of education bureaucracy to avoid actually using the revenue casinos bring in on teaching kids the reasoning skills that might otherwise keep them out of casinos. Should we go ahead and start condom programs and free needle exchanges for the extra hookers and junkies who will be drawn to the neighborhoods near our casinos? And the three dollars in social services damage for every one dollar in casino tax revenue will only satisfy those same kids who aren't learning any math.

All this from the same people who don't want you earning any more on your savings than Social Security wants you to have.