Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Next Misleading Liberal Rant

Daily Kos is a leftist website with a lot of readers. Because of its many readers, Daily Kos is very likely to cause big problems for Governor Ernie Fletcher next year in his run for re-election.

Yesterday, the site put up a small notice with very large implications:

Mark Nickolas over at Bluegrass Report updates us on his lawsuit against the state of Kentucky. As you might recall, the Republican governor ordered all state agencies to block liberal blogs like his, while leaving conservative ones alone.

They know this isn't true. Kentucky Progress remains one of several conservative sites blocked. But the truth hardly matters here. There will be only three gubernatorial races nationwide next year. When Daily Kos calls on its liberal readers from sea to shining sea to send money to Kentucky to defeat the Governor who blocked liberals, literally millions of dollars will flow in to the campaign of the Democrat nominee.