Saturday, August 05, 2006

Courier Journal Proves My Point

The Louisville Courier-Journal printed an editorial today that perfectly underscores the entire purpose for the conservative blogosphere.

Selective dissemination of facts and biased use of terms in the editorial titled Silk-stocking Setback beg for correction. At issue is the minimum wage/estate tax bill Senate Democrats killed this past week.

The Courier repeats the baseless assertion that raising the minimum wage helps the poor, but its frequent repetition renders that one hardly noteworthy anymore.

The big red flag comes with use of the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities as a source on the estate tax issue. The untrained eye might let slip the description of those liberal think tankers as "non-partisan," which is the label the CJ tries to apply to them. These are the same journalists who dismiss The Bluegrass Institute as a "conservative propaganda mill."

When the CJ cites the infamous "several reports" as proof that the estate tax has no impact on small business and farms and then rolls seamlessly into a distortion of the number of affected estates -- based only on year 2009 projections with the higher exemptions that will be gone by 2011.

And businesses placed at risk by this deadly tax affect not just the owners, but their employees as well.

Liberals hang their hats on the fact Americans continue to survive their policies, citing our endurance as proof that the policies aren't as bad as we say they are. But American ingenuity has made our country great despite bureaucratic roadblocks, not because of them. It makes no sense that we spend tax dollars incentivizing some new businesses to grow with one hand and then risk the existence of others because of the death of an owner in the name of collecting tax dollars.

Just another reason to tax consumption rather than income and wealth.