Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kentucky ObamaCare lawsuits moving forward

The Kentucky Court of Appeals will hear two cases challenging Gov. Steve Beshear's unilateral implementation of the "Affordable Care Act" in Kentucky.

"Our system of government is on trial here," said David Adams, plaintiff in both cases. "Governor Beshear has created a mess by violating state law to force Kentucky into ObamaCare without required legislative approval. If Kentucky's judicial branch won't stop him in this contemptible law-breaking, we have no law. I don't believe we are that far gone."

The first order of business with the Court of Appeals will be a re-hearing of Beshear's ridiculous claim that citizens of Kentucky don't have a right to complain when he breaks the law.

"The legislature has refused to play along with Beshear in his ObamaCare nonsense by killing his executive orders without a single hearing and defunding ObamaCare in the state budget by veto-proof majorities in both chambers," Adams said. "The people's representatives have spoken loud and clear and now is the time for the rest of us to engage."