Monday, August 04, 2014

Beshear puts more lipstick on ObamaCare pig

The Interim Committee on Health and Welfare voted today in favor of Gov. Steve Beshear's third attempt to make ObamaCare legal in Kentucky, but there remains no chance whatsoever that his latest executive order will be ratified by the entire General Assembly. And that is what matters.

"The legal case for ObamaCare in Kentucky gets thinner by the day as illegal state expenditures pile up and nothing can be done to make it fit state law," said David Adams, plaintiff in two state lawsuits seeking clarification of already-pretty-clear state law forbidding Beshear's unilateral acceptance of optional portions of the "Affordable Care Act." "Kentucky's brain dead media would be all over this if the governor breaking the law so egregiously were a Republican or if there were an extramarital sex act involved."

The symbolic vote passed 11-7 with eleven yes votes coming from Democrats and seven no votes from Republicans. Nine committee members missed the meeting, including seven Republicans.