Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Panicked Democrat attacks Tea Party

The former chief of staff to Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear made a stump speech for him today and flipped out talking about the Tea Party.

As reported on, Adam Edelen said "the Republican Party in Kentucky has been completely taken over by the tea party. What that means for us, the Democratic Party is the mainstream party reflecting the mainstream values of Kentucky voters of any party in Kentucky."

What is it with these guys? All the Tea Party wants is smaller government, balanced budgets and to be left alone. Faced with enormous and growing government deficits and bureaucratic encroachment on our rights and in our lives far beyond anything allowed by any constitution on the federal or state level, the mainstream is becoming more tea party every day.

I take it that Mr. Edelen's answer to his Tea Party Republican opponent John Kemper's modest and very mainstream request from earlier today is no.