Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do you feel protected now?

A Frankfort judge agreed today to let Restoring America air its tv ads supporting Senate President David Williams after Williams' father-in-law divulged that he has given $2.3 million to independent groups to promote Williams' gubernatorial campaign.

So according to the geniuses who thought up Kentucky's ridiculous campaign finance laws, you weren't protected on Monday when you didn't know who was paying for the ads, but you are now because you know.

Feel better?

Campaign finance restrictions are a charade and don't benefit the political process or protect any citizens. The genie is out of the bottle after the Citizens United case and it is just going to get more bizarre. We should beat the rush and repeal all of our campaign finance laws. Then we can turn our focus completely to the quality of candidates' positions and stop twiddling our thumbs watching this garbage.