Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Gig Is Up On Northup Campaign

When the Democratic gubernatorial candidates file their next campaign finance reports, some of them may need to report in-kind contributions from Anne Northup after she featured pictures of them in her latest attack ad.

Thanks Anne.

Northup has claimed, implausibly, that she would be a fiscal conservative in Frankfort. After years as a big spender in Washington, she might have difficulty making this one stick.

In fact, her statements have drawn a strong rebuke from the Kentucky Club for Growth:

Like Nancy Pelosi, Northup voted "no" on all the Flake amendments that would have seriously reduced wasteful "earmarks."

Governor Fletcher might do better on fiscal issues in his second term, and he should. But none of his opponents can claim with a straight face to possess better conservative credentials -- which is to say a record of protection of taxpayer interests.