Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stan Lee Wins Economic Freedom Award

The Kentucky Club For Growth release its first annual General Assembly scorecard naming Attorney General candidate Stan Lee as the state's top-ranking legislator and one of only two winners of its Kentucky Defender of Economic Freedom Award.

The Club's executive director Brian Richmond said "fiscal conservatives are in short supply in Frankfort. For the benefit of taxpayers, their children and grandchildren, this must change."

Lee's 91% score narrowly topped Rep. Jim DeCesare's 88%. No other House member scored above 70% and only two Senators -- Dick Roeding and Bob Leeper -- scored above 75%. Richmond had praise for the Senate as a whole, though.

"The Senate did not have as many eligible votes as the House did, which is a good thing," said Richmond. "The Senate defended the taxpayers of Kentucky by not calling to a vote some terrible legislation that passed the House and we commend them in that regard."