Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another Really Bad Hillary Clinton Idea

Hillary Clinton is running hard on the idea of equal pay for women. Anyone interested in seeing women get a fair shake in the business world really needs to take a second look at this.

Let me begin by saying that my wife and my daughter are very important to me. Years ago when my mother was raising two boys on her salary alone, I was particularly glad she had professional job opportunities available to her. I want very much for my daughter to have at least the same opportunities if not much more.

Hillary's equal pay campaign, if successful, would destroy opportunities for women faster than the Taliban. Women who have struggled for so long to be taken seriously, treated respectfully, and paid well will be crushed in the marketplace if businesses are forced into a no-way-to-win gender-equity pay program.

Think of it like this: you are a manager and you have two applicants for a position. Both are well-qualified and have similar attributes except one is male is one is female. The largest risk under mandated gender-equity pay is that the female -- once employed -- might sue for rather than negotiate pay increases. It would just be too easy to hire the man and avoid the whole mess.

For the benefit of all American women, we need to fight Hillary on this one.