Saturday, April 28, 2007

Overheard At The Louisville Right To Life Dinner...

Gubernatorial candidate Anne Northup is making plans to go scorched-earth against "all the people" who set her up to run and then stood by to watch her fall in the Republican primary this year.

Someone needs to get her on the record stating whether she intends to go to the Unity Rally after the primary. She should pick an issue, encourage Governor Fletcher to move forward on it, and help his campaign work on that issue. Leasing the lottery might be a good one. We have a lot of debt to pay off and that could get it done.

Billy Harper is showing signs he will stay involved in pushing his conservative agenda after the curtain falls on his campaign. Anne has campaigned on helping the Republican party advance its issues by winning this fall. If she really wants to do that, she is in a position to do so. But if Anne Northup plans to take her ball and go home, she should go now.