Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kentucky Tax Increase Trivia

When I saw Steve Nunn's endorsement of Anne Northup today, it occurred to me that without Steve's father Louie Nunn's support of raising the state sales tax to five cents and Northup's 1990 vote to raise it to six cents, we might still have a four percent sales tax.

While Louie "Nickel" Nunn took a lot of grief for that tax increase, and Northup might get some herself for hers, I won't really join the hit parade. I would far rather see us have the highest sales tax in the nation if we could repeal all income taxes.

But this Northup quote from the January 23, 1990 Louisville CJ has been making the rounds:

Northup said, "I'm really angry that Wilkinson has spent three years stirring up anti-tax sentiment."