Sunday, April 15, 2007

Did You Ever Think Income Taxes Might Be Illegal?

I found a pretty interesting constitutional case against the 16th amendment, which is the one that made the income tax the law of the land.

We should make presidential candidates answer why the 16th amendment should not be repealed. Forcing this issue is the only way we will ever do more than just whine about our broken tax system.

Pushing to have the 16th amendment repealed through the legislative process or deemed unconstitutional by the judiciary would not yield quick results, but it would make more people think about what we are doing to ourselves with a fatally flawed program for financing our government. But I think once the ball got rolling, it would force the reform issue.

Defending the indefensible makes people say goofy things. While we have so many wannabes on the presidential contender talk circuit, we should encourage them to try.