Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stan Lee Destroys Primary Opponents; Race Over

The really interesting race this fall will be for Attorney General between consistent Lexington conservative Stan Lee and far-flung Louisville left-winger Jack Conway.

Lee has raised $106,476, which is more than his three primary opponents combined. Interestingly, Lee's closest competitor on the stump, Tim Coleman, shows $94,185, but $59,500 came from people with the last name Coleman. This includes $51,000 from the candidate himself.

Lee's broad base of support gained over a courageous tenure as State Representative -- not any shortcomings of the able Mr. Coleman -- has turned this race into a rout.

Jack Conway now faces the unenviable task of convincing Kentuckians outside of Louisville that he is not too liberal to serve as Attorney General. His campaign chairman Ben Chandler just voted to surrender to the terrorists in Iraq and his party's incumbent AG Greg Stumbo is standing by limply watching his bosses in the homosexual agenda lobby ram domestic partner benefits through the commonwealth's two largest universities. No comment yet from Conway on his feelings about these unconstitutional actions.

Good luck, Mr. Conway. You will surely need it with those millstones hanging around your neck.