Saturday, April 21, 2007

Is This All They Have Left?

If this is the best hit piece the Courier-Journal can muster against Governor Fletcher, we can only assume they are close to conceding that the field is too weak to beat Ernie.

This week, Gov. Fletcher left open the possibility of tackling only half the pension problem in a special session, which would be worse than tackling none of it at all.

Fixing the financial problem without dealing with the systemic issues that caused it would be a terrible mistake.

After all, if the benefits for future employees aren't changed, then pension costs will eventually take up so much revenue that there won't be money for education, health care and other obligations.

As the Governor said, fixing this will require hard work. It's time he did some.

As uninspiring as this race for the Governor's Mansion has been for fiscal hawks, it has been far more demoralizing for the wage-fixing, homosexual agenda, socialized-medicine folks who lack a champion with enough energy to draw a crowd.

In another month, The Courier Journal and friends will turn their attention from the Governor's race and toward trying to get Louisville liberal Jack Conway elected Attorney General.