Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Newspapers Hate Stan Lee's Fiscal Responsibility, Especially When It Bites Their Bacon

Certain government announcements in Kentucky are required by law to be printed up in local newspapers. Kentucky law actually mandates buying of newspaper advertising for this purpose.

Rep. Stan Lee has tried for years to allow those announcements to be published online. Putting public announcements on the internet would save taxpayer dollars, but the effort to do so has made the Kentucky Press Association mad.

I appreciate someone willing to pick fights with people who buy ink by the barrel when the issue involved is saving tax dollars. If there is something in these public notices worth knowing about, online disclosure is sufficient. The opposition to Representative Lee on this is just about newspapers not wanting to lose a government contract.

As a conservative, I'm sure Rep. Lee is not bothered about giving newpapers another reason to nip at his heels. It's just funny to see one of his primary opponents trying to make hay over this and almost completely explains why newspapers are coming out of the woodwork to endorse Tim Coleman.