Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fighting Back Against Harry Moberly

In the wake of Rep. Harry Moberly's attempt to hijack the legislative process, freedom-loving Kentuckians really need a legislative initiative to counter his secrecy scheme.

A bill to require the General Assembly and governor to pass and sign a budget bill by January 25 of each budget session would help a lot. That way, legislative leaders could negotiate the budget in secret -- behind closed doors, covered windows, and with armed guards -- to their hearts' content. The public and rank-and-file legislators could still have time to examine their work and respond appropriately. The sixty day session would continue past the budget deadline, but the budget bill would be off-limits beyond January 25. And for this to work we couldn't allow special sessions to address the budget either.

I think this would help reinforce the idea of who is actually in charge of our government.