Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Charge That Kentucky Misspent Fed Money Is Bunk

With all the talk from the Fletcher administration about how great the "Unbridled Spirit" is for Kentucky on one hand and charges that federal money was spent on the state's marketing campaign on the other, the truth was actually very easy to find out.

State agencies used to handle their own marketing campaigns individually. Early on, the Fletcher administration's Commerce Cabinet consolidated all marketing activities in order to create savings with economies of scale. Implementation involved projecting what costs were going to be and then ironing out overpayments and underpayments at the end of a two year marketing contract. The contract is now publicly available through the Finance and Administration Cabinet. All the money was marketing money and it has all gone where it was supposed to. It's more fun to make charges of abuse or incompetence -- and I'd love to jump in if the facts were on that side -- but the truth is the state has saved a lot of money by buying its advertising in bulk rather than farming it out piecemeal.

The Fletcher administration is in need of a story to tell and should tell this one.