Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Beshear still needs 3500 Obamacrats

Former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear attracted worldwide media attention one month ago saying he "cannot sit idly by" and watch his successor Governor Matt Bevin dismantle our ObamaCare exchange. He has apparently since reconsidered and is, in fact, sitting idly by.

Amid the decidedly unconvincing fanfare back in the early afternoon of February 11, Beshear claimed to have picked up a quick 2500 names on the online petition in support of his ridiculously named "Save Kentucky Healthcare" web site. The funny thing is that a month later the petition's counter says there are 11,221 names right above a convenient form for followers to add their name to the list by divulging email address, street address and selecting their country of residence from a drop-down menu which defaults to the United States but includes such Obamacrat hotspots as Azerbaijan, Djibouti and Tunisia.

The lack of energy evident in Beshear's search of Planet Earth for a few remaining ObamaCare believers would make big news in an age of less leftward media bias.