Monday, July 20, 2015

Beshear silence on military gun ban reflects administration's -- and son's -- "brain-free zone"

Kentucky should have been one of the first states to end the heinous practice of protecting soldiers on American military bases with little printed signs forbidding anyone to carry a firearm. Governor Steve Beshear's failure to take any such action in the wake of last Thursday's deadly terrorist attack on military personnel in Chattanooga speaks volumes about his allegiance to national Anti-Second Amendment zealots.

And it speaks volumes about his son, Andy Beshear, who wants to ride his father's coattails into office as Kentucky's next Attorney General. So far six states with Republican governors have taken steps to eliminate military "gun-free zones" in their states and many more are sure to follow, keeping the issue alive through the November election.

As the rest of the nation wakes up to the stupidity of pretending to care about safety by banning guns, this will be a great issue for showing definitively that Andy Beshear isn't one of us. And the time for changing course on this with any shred of credibility has passed.