Friday, June 05, 2015

More Frankfort Obamacrat skulduggery

Looks like the Kentucky Department of Insurance has grown tired of answering questions about hiding evidence of ObamaCare failures, hiding it some more, violating federal law to keep it hidden, falsifying data to continue to keep Kentuckians in the dark and then having no answers for when people start to learn the truth.

That's the only possible explanation for the fact they have removed any trace of the true ObamaCare rate increase figures which lasted on the site for about a day. The Kentucky Department of Insurance web site has been scrubbed of its link to rate increase information which can still be found at

"Their health reform policy does not work, has not worked and cannot work, but Frankfort Obamacrats have frankly done a great job of spinning the ObamaCare disaster around in circles so many times the media doesn't even try to call them on garbage like this," said leading ObamaCare critic David Adams. "Kentuckians should look forward to getting a Republican governor in November if for no other reason than to see our press corps to start showing a little fortitude again."