Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kentucky can't pay Deloitte for ObamaCare

Deloitte Consulting got kudos yesterday in the Washington Times for running state ObamaCare websites in four states -- Rhode Island, Kentucky, Washington and Connecticut.

Interestingly, the Providence (Rhode Island) Journal urged its state government to drop Deloitte and the whole idea of a state run exchange today and default into the federal exchange because the state simply can't afford to continue the charade of funding Obama's health bureaucracy for him. And the Providence Journal is hardly a right wing rag, having endorsed Obama twice.

The evidence is overwhelming that Rhode Island doesn't have the money to play with. It's even more so for Kentucky. Rhode Island's legislature is trying to defund its exchange, though it may be struggle to get that past its governor. In Kentucky, we have already done that.

Gov. Beshear has written a check he can't cash. It's past time for him to admit his mistake so we can start cleaning up the mess.