Friday, October 18, 2013

Christmas in October in Kentucky

Governor Steve Beshear says he needs $21 million for Christmas and he thinks you are Santa Claus.

In a document filed quietly with the Regulations Compiler in the basement of the Capitol Annex late last month and not yet posted to the internet, Beshear stated that ObamaCare will cost the state $21.5 million in the first six months of calendar year 2014 just for administrative expenses related to the Medicaid expansion.

There is no appropriation in the current state budget for this little surprise, which every pro-ObamaCare Democrat has been insisting for years would cost Kentucky nothing.

"If the corrupt bunch of crackers running this state gave a damn about the rule of law, this would be front page news," said David Adams, the Kentuckian suing the Governor in state court to stop his illegal implementation of the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion.