Friday, June 28, 2013

Insurance official confirms ObamaCare to crush Kentucky

A top official at the Kentucky Department of Insurance has leaked data showing health insurance premiums under ObamaCare will increase by an average of eighty percent at the start of 2014 for the state's largest insurer, Anthem.

DJ Wasson, Acting Director of Kentucky Access, confirmed the skyrocketing rates have been available for a week but has not talked publicly about this and doesn't want anyone to call her at 502-573-1026 for details.

Kentucky's major media figures are apparently determined to respect her privacy in this time of professional turmoil.

Meanwhile, the "told you so's" just keep rolling in. If you are still wondering why we who oppose ObamaCare keep fighting so hard to stop it, this would be a good point at which to ponder the power of big government and the damage it so carelessly inflicts.