Monday, April 22, 2013

Steve Beshear expands protection racket

If Kentucky had a racketeering statute, Steve Beshear might be frog-marching to the State Reformatory in LaGrange rather than tooling around Frankfort. 

Governor Beshear has fraudulently played on the hopes and fears of Kentuckians for years with literally hundreds of press announcements touting redistribution of wealth schemes to "create" thousands of new jobs that haven't subsequently materialized. Friday's announcement of 100 new call center jobs for the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange combines multiple enterprises of dubious value and a new state bureaucracy created unilaterally by the Governor without legislative approval.

David Adams of Nicholasville is suing Beshear in Franklin Circuit Court to shut down the Kentucky "ObamaCare" exchange.

"ObamaCare started with a promise of making health insurance more affordable," Adams said. "It's the public policy equivalent now of sending thugs around to collect money so your windows don't get broken or your wife doesn't get kidnapped."