Thursday, June 07, 2012

Call Steve Beshear on this, please

Governor Steve Beshear's inaction in his unconstitutional abuse of power episode against Kentucky Christians has reached epic proportions, creating a hostile situation for citizens seeking to escape the mandates of ObamaCare.

Beshear has left consumers in the lurch for nearly a year by refusing to enforce or renounce the court ruling in Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Reinhold. Of course the legislature has been no help either, but it's Beshear's court case.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky won its case against Christian Care Medi-Share, a religious based health cost sharing program, back in August 2010. The ruling, that the program should be regulated as an insurance company, effectively ran Medi-Share out of the state since coming into compliance with existing state insurance laws and regulations would eliminate any purpose for the program.

Medi-Share has continued to operate in Kentucky in violation of the law as have other similar cost sharing programs. Something has to give and it is the Governor's responsibility to see that it does. Beshear doesn't want to get caught attacking Christians before an election and taking away what little health freedom they have left.

But it is clear he wants to attack Christians and take away what little health freedom they have left. Otherwise, he wouldn't leave us all hanging so long waiting for a resolution on this issue. Beshear needs to come clean and either act to allow Christians to work around the already arbitrary and capricious state insurance regulations or admit that he wants the ability to control your health care decisions and doesn't want to hear you complaining about it.

Please call Governor Beshear at 502-564-2611 and tell him to either move to shut Christian Care Medi-Share down or to get out of their way and let them serve the health care needs of Kentucky Christians.