Monday, February 28, 2011

Phil Moffett takes on House of Fraud

News reports of Saudi royal family members squandering billions in public dollars on ostentatious lifestyles may foreshadow coverage of the retirements of Kentucky politicians like House Speaker Greg Stumbo and Senate President David Williams.

Reuters describes Saudi princes blowing through multimillion dollar stipends and going back to the government to demand more when their supply of cash runs dry. The source of their riches is the good fortune to be born into the House of Saud. Kentucky's political elite are set to reap a retirement bonanza by virtue of voting themselves multimillion dollar pension bonuses in Frankfort's House of Fraud.

Kentucky's HB 299 in 2005 made an instant pension millionaire of Stumbo, who, after serving one term, will get paid 100% of an Attorney General's salary for life in retirement thanks to his buddy Williams strong-arming the bill through the legislature. If Williams can get himself appointed or elected to higher office for as much as three years before he hangs up his gavel, he will reap millions in taxpayer-provided pension largesse as well. Williams is running for Governor.

The Tea Party was created to point out and to stop nonsense like this. Phil Moffett is the Tea Party Republican candidate for Governor and his entire platform is devoted to eliminating Kentucky's political ruling class, clearing out government incentives for waste and corruption and leveling the playing field so Kentuckians from all walks of life can earn an honest living and thrive in the Bluegrass State.