Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nancy Pelosi would keep us in the weeds

Amid skyrocketing federal debt and looming Obama tax hikes, embattled Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be holding a telephone "Grassroots Strategy Call" tomorrow, apparently for anyone who contributes $5 to the Democratic Party today.

What on earth are they going to talk about: how to pretend people don't hate ObamaCare, how to say with a straight face that cap and trade won't dramatically increase energy costs, or that what this country really needs is bigger road signs proclaiming the efficacy of federal borrow-and-stimulate spending before they can get around to raising taxes next year?

In an email to supporters this afternoon, Pelosi said "Democrats will keep control of the House this year and prevent a return to the catastrophic Republican policies of the past, so long as you continue standing with me every step of the way."

This is funny because Republican primary voters have already made it clear to their candidates that there will be no return to the "catastrophic" bailout economy and reckless deficit spending that not only deflated enthusiasm for Republicans the last few years, but led directly to the catastrophic Democratic policies of the present. Also, given the growing lack of support for Democratic politicians, it's noteworthy that Pelosi qualifies her optimism by predicting Dem victories only if supporters stay on board "every step of the way." Fat chance.

It's shaping up to be a good November for Kentucky Republicans. And then in December, we get to turn our attention to Gov. Steve "Holiday Tree" Beshear.