Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Did Hillary Clinton Lie, Or Did She Steal KY Money?

Remember when Hillary Clinton came in to Louisville last December and Kentucky Democrats said she raised $600,000 for the state Dem party in one night?

Well, the Kentucky Democratic Party filed their finances yesterday and it shows they raised $598,723.58 in total contributions for the entire year of 2005. And that should include the big John Edwards, Max Cleland, and Joe Biden fundraisers in the state. Where did the money from Hillarypalooza go? Did she take it back to New York? Did she invest it in set-up cattle futures contracts?

Watching this one unwind will be a scream! Expect state Dem chair Jerry Lundergan's head to roll for Hillary this time.

It looks like KDP has wiped their press release archive of any mention of the big night, but they left this news story.