Friday, May 30, 2014

Will Republican "Flip the House" even matter?

I'm struck when talking with Republican politicians in the state House and Senate that they are not only resigned to the fact that Gov. Steve Beshear has no respect for constitutional and statutory limits on his powers, but that too many of them don't see that as the place to start the fight.

Gov. Beshear is telegraphing his intentions to write a third executive order attempting to create the ObamaCare exchange this summer. He wrote the first one in 2012, did it again in 2013 after the first one expired without legislative ratification and now plans to do it again after a July 15 expiration date for the second executive order.

This all violates not only the Constitution but also KRS 12.028.

We've seen what this kind of lawlessness has done in Washington D.C. Steve Beshear is trying to bring that here. No one in the House minority seems willing to engage in this fight. Only Damon Thayer in the Senate shows up at all. If we allow governing by executive order with no check or balance, what good will a Republican majority in the House do us?

Am I missing something? Anyone?