Friday, May 02, 2014

Kentucky Obamacrats melt under slightest media scrutiny

The Hill newspaper looked at seven states with competitive Senate races and tried to do a flyover analysis of each state's ObamaCare experience to estimate what role the federal law might have in November elections.

For all of Gov. Steve Beshear's talk of "indisputable success" here, the state has actually fared very poorly in terms of meeting its federal goal for insurance policy sales with an actual premium attached. When asked about this, some Kentucky Obamacrat fell apart:dfdlf
Kentucky came in last with 37 percent based on an enrollment goal of 220,000, raising questions about how stable its premiums will be next year. 
An administration official called the conclusion unfair, arguing the target represented a combination of projected exchange and Medicaid enrollments. 
A spokeswoman for the Kentucky exchange did not immediately respond to a request for clarification. 

So when asked about the state's dismal failure to even come close to a goal which would demonstrate the slightest chance of sustainability, the official Frankfort response was a vague and very obvious lie followed by hiding out waiting for the reporter to go away. Silly Kentucky Obamacrat, that garbage only works with Kentucky reporters.