Friday, May 23, 2014

Will Beshear's pride cost Kentucky an ObamaCare "freebie?"

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear has claimed, falsely, that all ObamaCare expenses for the next two years are covered by the federal government. Federal law states very clearly that no federal funds can be used for ObamaCare exchange operations after December 31, 2014.

A funny thing has happened: a Rhode Island official claims that state asked for and will receive federal funding in 2015 for their state-run exchange. If that's true ("Christine Ferguson, director of HealthSource RI, said federal officials have agreed to let the state use federal dollars through the end of calendar year 2015 — one year longer than planned.") and Rhode Island has gotten some kind of special dispensation in violation of federal law, Kentucky should pursue the same thing.

Four states that signed up to run their own exchanges have recently defaulted to the federal exchange already, of the original fourteen who took Obama's bait. Rhode Island is likely to do the same despite their special law-breaking situation because their state Obamacrats are still looking for more state money to spend and the likelihood that they will get it is going down by the day.

Beshear's situation is further complicated by the fact that once he starts admitting to having lied about funding, he may be forced to admit that he doesn't have legal authority for ObamaCare and no state funding source. Given his track record, expect Beshear to continue to just muddle along illegally and expensively, hoping against hope he can continue to ignore reality for a little while.